April’s 10 on 10

The past months have been busy! I am still adjusting to the demands of being a full time high school phhotography teacher. Every month I feel like I have things figured out and it never fails, every month a new challenge is thrown at me. I keep telling myself it is ok because I am learning so much but I will admit most days I am so tired, I really don’t want to learn! This month, I had a rare afternoon off and I took two of my four kids to the neighborhood park. It felt good to take an hour and shoot for fun (hence the bunny glasses my son wore to the park!) All of the frames shown are on Portra 800 and the Pentax 645NII. Enjoy.

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10 on 10

Another month has flown by at lightening speed. I am in awe of how fast and yet at times how slow the days pass by. It has been a very busy month filled with kids, teaching, going to school and trying to keep my sanity. The one thing I that helps me through the rough patches of juggling so much right now is my photography. I still love taking my kids into my studio and photographing them one at a time, spending time talking with them and documenting what is going on in their lives. It helps me slow down and literally take life one frame at a time, concentrating on what I have right in front of me and taking a few moments to catch my breath. I have always been extremley thankful for finding photography and for the ability it gives me to have an outlet, especially when things are less than pleasant. This month I took film photos but I have yet to develop those photos, so I am sharing Saturday afternoon documented in instant film. I didn’t catch all 4 kids equally on instant film but I did manage to document a few fun memories. The first is a bleached negative from Fuji 100C film and the rest are scans of the positive prints. Please continue through the 10 on 10 circle by visiting here: http://www.dena-robles.com/blog/10-on-10-february-2016

10 film frames on the 10th of the month

Starting this month I have had the opportunity to join a 10 on 10 project with some very talented photographer. This is my first 10 film frames from the 10th of January. All were taken with the Pentax 645 N and Tmax 400 film. I developed the rolls in HC-110 and scanned them in on the Epson 750. I was able to bribe three of my four kids into letting me take photos of them, hopefully next month my son will join in too! I hope you enjoy viewing them.

Week 55 :: Roll 55


Week 54 :: Roll 54

Kodak TMax 400, Contax 645, Self developed and scanned

Henry- “Tessa has 30 imaginary friends, I don’t have any. Maybe that is why I’m always bored.”

This is a photo of my youngest. I still call him my “baby” even though he is 6 and barely fits in my lap anymore. The growth and changes I have documented the past year in my children are most apparent with him. Even though I have had three already go through this period in their lives, the rate of growth still astounds me. He is wild and full of energy but some days he is calm and shares with me such a unique view of the world around him. I love hearing his ideas and observations filled with innocent musings.